Q: Where are you located?

We are a Texas based company. Some of our suppliers are in Kansas, as is turn-key cart final assembly. Our location near the middle of the country means we are nearly equidistant to both coasts and can get you a complete cart no matter where you are.

Q: Can I see Dune Buggy Golf Carts in person?

We are currently an internet sales business and don't have a store front. We are in the process of establishing dealers and distributors. You can have your favorite local golf cart store contact us and find out about becoming a dealer. Or, contact us directly and we'll help you find the nearest DBGC dealer.

Q: Will a DBGC "Linx" body fit my golf cart?

The "Linx" body can fit most modern E-Z Go, Club Car, and Yamaha golf cart chassis. Most models featured on this site are built on 2004-2012 E-Z Go TXT carts. The body can easily be modified to fit most golf carts and 4 wheel vehicles of similar size.

Q: Will this body fit both electic and gasoline golf carts?

Yes! Our prototypes were built on electric carts, but the body will fit gas engine carts.

Q: Do you offer a four seater model?

Yes! We are currently developing a four seater model. Please contact us if you are interested.

Q: Can this body go on a stretched or limo style golf cart?

Yes! One of the great features of the Linx body design is the step-through entrance. The customer or installer can easily lengthen or shorten the body by removing or adding material in the door sill area.

Q: What's it made of?

Our bodies are made from strong and light hand laid fiberglass with a super smooth gel coat surface that is ready for primer and paint.

Q: Do you offer a Wholesale prices?

Absolutely! Please contact us for a custom quote if you are a dealer, wholesaler, or looking to buy more than one.

Q: If I send you my golf cart, will you put the body on?

Yes, we can install the Linx body on your golf cart. See our products and pricing or contact us for details.

Q: Is this a street legal golf cart?

We will gladly make your DBGC street legal! However, each state and community have their own rules, regulations, and laws regarding what is required to make a golf cart legal for street usage. Since these differ and can change, we advise customers to check the rules in their area and we can likely add any equipment needed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on this.

Q: Can you sell and ship internationally?

Yes! In fact, we have already received international orders and we are happy to do so!